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Holding bell and dorje, shining white and stainless, he is known by Tibetans as Dorje Sempa, meaning "diamond," or "adamantine being." Of the same realm as the five dhyani buddhas, he represents the mind aspect of all the buddhas, and it was he who imparted the Dzogchen teachings to the earthly realm through Garab Dorje. Visualized either alone, or in union with his consort, Dorje Nyema, he is invoked as a force of purification. One-hundred thousand repetitions of his practice is one of the preliminary practices undertaken by tantric aspirants to remove karmic negativities and obstacles on the path to realization. Infringements of tantric vows are repaired through periodic performance of his rites and repetition of the One Hundred Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva.


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