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Visionary tantric Art by padma

"My work is born of the desire to explore and creatively express the deep and powerful connection between sacred art and the human psyche. I wish to share the experience of the Tibetan deities as living, radiant beings of light ... truly alive, yet transparent, radiant and empty of concrete self-existence. I believe that these timeless archetypal images have a potential to teach and ultimately bring benefit as modern-day illustrations of tantric symbolism.”
As a western female student of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism and eastern tantric symbolism for many years, the artist, padma, Phyllis Glanville, brings a unique expression to an age-old tradition of sacred art.

Padma, (from the Sanskrit word for Lotus) is the received name of one western artist whose life's journey has led to a deeply intuitive understanding of the ancient tradition of Tibetan sacred art. Tibetan art supports the creation of harmonious energies that can balance the frequently depleted environment in which we work and live.

The Buddhist deities shown represent only a small part of the Tibetan Pantheon. They are archetypal in nature, their Divinity shining through with the aura of spiritual attainment. These contemporary vibrant images speak of Joy, Compassion, Sexual Ecstasy or the Overcoming of Fear.

While each original piece requires a lavish amount of time to complete, the creation of limited series editions of "giclée" prints allows many more people to enjoy these superbly crafted images at truly affordable prices. All the artwork on our site can be ordered as museum-quality reproductions ... If you would like to own one of these highly collectible works of art, please check our catalog of current offerings of both original works and fine art prints.

... But let us first introduce you to visionary tantric art and its spiritual background. To see the contents of a gallery, click on one of the five images above. Each painting in the gallery offers a brief explanation of the qualities specific to each of the deities.

Please enjoy your visit here ...
Sarwa Mangalam! May All Beings Benefit!

Fine Art Exhibitions

The October Gallery,
London, England

Maha Deva Gallery,
San Anselmo, California

California Institute of Integral Arts, San Francisco, California

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